Diving in Aruba

Diving in Aruba

Coral reef dives in the Caribbean island of Aruba

When you think of Aruba, one of the first things that comes to mind is the ocean. Aruba has some of the clearest, bluest waters around. The island attracts people from all over who want to enjoy the beaches and swim in the ocean. It’s also a highly sought-after location for people who want to go diving. In fact, diving is one of Aruba’s most popular activities, for both locals and tourists alike.

Reasons to Dive in Aruba

Diving in Mangel Halto Aruba

There are so many reasons why people want to dive in Aruba. One of the biggest draws is just how clear the water is. While you can see a lot from the surface, you can see even more underneath. When you go diving in Aruba, you’ll have a crystal-clear view of life under the ocean’s surface. You’ll be surrounded by all kinds of creatures and ecosystems you might not otherwise get to experience. There’s nothing quite like seeing aquatic life in its natural habitat.
Another reason why people like to dive in Aruba is because there are all kinds of interesting sites. In addition to natural coral reef formations, there’s also several wrecks located underwater. The wrecks are a sight to behold. Some wrecks were done on purpose, in order to create artificial reefs. There are also some wrecks that occurred during battles many years ago, such as German freighters from World War II. Not only are these wrecks interesting to explore, they’re also a great opportunity to get up close and personal with Aruba sea creatures. Top Diving Locations in Aruba

There are numerous popular locations to go diving in Aruba. Some of top locations include Mike’s Reef, the Antilla, the Renaissance Planes, and Pedernales. Mike’s Reef is a particularly gorgeous coral reef that is a must-see for underwater photographers. The Antilla, the Renaissance Planes, and Pedernales are all wrecks around Aruba. There’s also Mangel Halto, a beautiful, secluded beach that features shallow water and an incredible reef.

Diving During the Day Vs Diving at Night

Diving in Aruba isn’t just a daytime event. You can also dive at night. Night dives offer you an interesting opportunity to view sea life you might never see otherwise. If you dive the same spot at night that you dove during the day, you would see an entirely different sight. At night, nocturnal fish become more active as they come out to feed. You might never see these fish during the daylight hours. Nighttime also the only chance to experience one of nature’s most incredible phenomena – bioluminescence.

It’s hard to think of Aruba and not think of diving. Whether you’re a seasoned diver who has been on numerous expeditions, or you’re new to the activity, let Nautilus be your guide. For more information, and to schedule your dive tour in Aruba, give us a call today!