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Diving is in Spaans lagoon Aruba

It allows you to see the underwater world in a way that you would never be able to see it on television or even in an aquarium. And there’s nothing quite like diving in Aruba. It’s one of the top things to do on the island. Whether you’re new to diving or you’re a seasoned pro, Nautilus can help you to experience what the ocean surrounding Aruba has to offer.

The owner of Nautilus, Mr. Juan Mora, is a PADI Master Instructor. Those with this certification are expert divers who can help others to learn about diving and enjoy the wonders of the ocean. At Nautilus, we offer recreational diving as well as open water courses for locals as well as tourists. We offer off shore dives that go out 3 times a day. Soon, we will offer boat dives as well. For those who want a completely different view of the ocean, Nautilus also offers night dives.


Pricing variable

Not Certified – calls Discovery dive    |    Certified divers – calls Open water

Morning 1 tank

7:30 Pickups at hotels

8:30 Preparation & Diving

11:00 Back and Done

2 Tanks

11:30 Diving

12:30 Back to operator

1:30 pm Drop-offs back to resorts and hotels.

Afternoon 1 tank

2:30 pickups at hotels

3:30 Preparation & Diving

5:00 Done & Drop-off

Night dive – AVAILABLE

Night Dive

6:00 Pickups at hotels

7:45 Preparation & Diving

9:30 Done and Drop-offs back to resorts and hotels.)

When you book your dive with Nautilus, we request that you book at least one day in advance. You will be asked to select whether you would like to do a morning dive, an afternoon dive, or a night dive. You will then be asked to select what type of dive variation you would like as well as whether you are certified (open water dive) or non-certified (discovery dive). You can choose to dive with up to 4 people, with the minimum age requirement being 10 years old. Prices are based on the dive variation you choose. For instance, 1-tank shore dive for a certified diver is $40 while a 2-tank dive is $60. A 1-tank night dive is $50 and a 2-tank night dive is $80. Night dives are for certified divers.

During the booking process, we will also ask you which hotel you are staying at. We offer free pick up and drop off to hotels in the area. We will ask how many people are coming and what their ages are. If you are a certified diver, we will ask your experience level, when your last dive took place, and where you received your certification. On the day of the dive, we request that you bring your identification. We will provide you with the tank, mask and snorkel, weight, fins, dive suit, and a dive guide.

  • 2 task morning $80 per person, chin. tank and equipment and guide
  • 2 tanks afternoon $80 per person, chin. tank and equipment and guide
  • 2-tank boat dive is $80.
  • A 1-tank night dive is $50.
  • 2-tank night dive is $100.
  • Tours can accommodate up to 4 participants.

Night dives are not available for discovery dives.

For more information on our snorkeling tours, or to book your snorkeling tour, contact Nautilus today!