Pos Chiquito

Pos Chiquito

All to do in Pos Chiquito Aruba

Aruba is a tropical paradise, providing unique experiences and beautiful sights at each of its various slices of heaven. Whether you prefer to sample the nightlife, shop at one of the retailers on the island, or just enjoy some quiet beach time, there’s a part of Aruba for you.

Pos Chiquito is one of these special places on the island. It offers a collection of some of the best things to do on your Aruba vacation – without crowds. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from Pos Chiquito in Aruba.

About Pos Chiquito

Located on the southwestern coast of Aruba, this beach town is the perfect representation of the laid back, Caribbean culture that makes Aruba such a popular vacation spot. It is a quieter getaway spot for those who want to enjoy a peaceful day in the water, on the beach nearby, or at one of the nearby attractions. It is known for its quiet beaches, water activities, and variety of wildlife.

What to Do in Pos Chiquito

Pos Chiquito in Savaneta Aruba may be small, but it is well-positioned to offer a little bit of everything. For day trips, weekends, or whole weeks, it’s a great place to spend time in Aruba.

Beach Trip

Aruba is known for its beautiful beaches, and Pos Chiquito is no exception. It is located on the coast with Mangel Halto Beach close nearby. This public beach is home to the beautiful white sands Aruba is known for, which make for a wonderful place to pull up a chair and read while you catch some sun. The sands also lead to a shallow reef off of the beach that is a popular beginner snorkeling location.


Much of what Pos Chiquito offers revolves around the close proximity to the water. This can include snorkeling trips off the coast to visit the deeper reefs, fishing off a dock, or even watching the sunrise or sunset over the water. 

Dining in Pos Chiquito

Pos Chiquito makes it easy to enjoy yourself on the coast with 2 main bars. Mangel Halto Bar is right on the beach for quick drink between dives. Rum Shop Pos Chiquito is a few minutes inland, perfect for a night out. Here you can wind down and relax after a long day of enjoying the weather.

Happy Appy offers chicken and lamb shawarma and other dishes along with some kids options right off the beach for a quick bite between swims.

For seafood, the nearby Marina Pirata is a popular Pos Chiquito Aruba eatery. it offers waterside dining over the water for a unique view during your meal.

B52 BarBQue is a slightly inland family restaurant, offering barbecue favorites like ribs in addition to seafood options from the nearby water.


While Pos Chiquito is commonly a day trip destination, you can stay in the serenity at one of the nearby hotels and resorts.

Pos Chiquito Villa is a highly-reviewed smaller inn that offers individual rooms for rent. They’re situated within walking distance from the Mangel Halto Beach and are a quaint little rest stop for shorter stays.

For longer rentals or larger groups, the Luxury Apartment in Pos Chiquito provides a condo or home rental. The deluxe accommodations include many of the essentials at only about a half-mile from the beach.

Looking for a beachfront option that overlooks the water? The Windsong Villa offers 2 luxury accommodations with a view. Their 3-bedroom villa (complete with pool and courtyard) is perfect for families. For smaller parties is a 1-bedroom cottage that offers the same view and proximity to Mangel Halto.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

For those who want to enjoy the stunning aquatic wildlife of the clear waters in Aruba, diving and snorkeling lessons as well as shore diving trips are offered at Nautilus Dive Center.

Using the nearby Mangel Halto Beach, you’ll be able to swim out to the shallow reef on the edge of the beach. Here you’ll come across stunning coral, plants, and fish. This sea life experience lets you view the often underappreciated beauty of Aruba from the water rather than the land. That’s why diving is one of Aruba’s most popular activities for the whole family. Nautilus even dives at night!

Plan Your Pos Chiquito Trip Today

If you’re looking for a peaceful tropical experience in one of the quietest beaches on the island, you’ll love Pos Chiquito. Whether you’re at the beach or taking a break from the sun, there’s something for everyone.

Nautilus Dive Center makes the most of the Mangel Halto Beach, providing snorkeling and scuba diving lessons and rentals. Too much of Aruba’s beauty is hidden underwater – see the other side of the island with Nautilus.

Contact Nautilus in Pos Chiquito today to schedule your next dive or learn more about renting equipment for your vacation.